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Salmon come home festival


Yesterday marked the annual Hoy Creek Salmon Come Home Festival. Usually, I pass only a handful of hikers along the Hoy Creek Trail but on this day, there must have been a couple of hundred. Continue reading Salmon come home festival

Early chum arrivals

I’ve been waiting for the end of the month when the salmon return. Yesterday however, I decided to go earlier to the lower end of Hoy Creek where salmon spawn because I hadn’t walked there in months. Continue reading Early chum arrivals

B.C.’s Japanese influence

You might be surprised there are oodles of Japanese restaurants here after the treatment Canadian Japanese received during the second world war: their property seized never to be given back; dumped into camps into interior B.C. till after the war. Continue reading B.C.’s Japanese influence

Scott Creek chum

When I lived against this creek in Coquitlam, I walked the trail weekly. There were fish symbols advising visitors to protect the salmon plastered along the trail. I used to peer into the clear stream and not see anything. I wasn’t aware back then that the salmon only arrived in fall. Continue reading Scott Creek chum

Hiking the PoCo section of the Coquitlam River

I hadn’t walked this section in well over a year when I was still a volunteer with the Coquitlam River Watch and the path was lined with ice and snow. Now it was bright and sunny. Continue reading Hiking the PoCo section of the Coquitlam River

Upper Middle Coquitlam River

This is probably my favourite part to hike. The stream is still powerful with lush vegetation. Tall cedars, firs and alders filter the sunlight while the ground lays carpeted in ferns and brambles. I’ve often seen robins on this part of the trail, swishing their tails and disappearing into the thicket when I pass. Continue reading Upper Middle Coquitlam River

A Bear Reminder

One of the benefits of where I live is areas of forest are preserved on both sides of every creek and river in the city. While I’d like to believe it’s for environmental reasons, it’s really about economics because come fall, millions of salmon swim upstream into these creeks and rivers to spawn. Continue reading A Bear Reminder