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Deadman’s Bay Provincial Park

This straight stretch of coastland against the Atlantic Ocean with fine grained white sand was known as Straight Shore. I drove through Lumsden that in the 18th century had been visited by French fishers, then known as Cat Harbour.

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Llsung Beach

On Jeju Island’s west coast I discovered the best beach I’d seen since arriving on the island. Unfortunately, it was the coldest day since my arrival in South Korea. Most of the days had been in the low twenties, but that day the temperature dropped to a cool six degrees — not swimming weather. Continue reading Llsung Beach

Return to Sandy Beach

Over a year later, I returned to the same Russell Island beach where North Stradbroke Island stretched like a giant crocodile across the channel. Last visit, the tide was high and the beach appeared no more than a metre wide, but on my next trip, the tide was out, and the rippled sand stretched for one hundred metres to the sea. Continue reading Return to Sandy Beach

Last New Zealand Beach

My quest was to find a beach with pure white sand. Passing over a mountain as I headed south, I caught sight of white dunes to the east. Behind them, was a sheltered lagoon. I imagined a perfect beach, but there was no road leading in that direction. Finally, some fifty kilometres further south, I turned into Rarawa and on to Henderson Bay and found the illusive white sand, powdery fine. I walked over the lonely beach dotted with shells. Ripples rolled in over the fallen tide and the seabed lay flat as if it would take a marathon to reach deeper waters. Continue reading Last New Zealand Beach