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Childhood Flashback on Penang Hill

Penang Hill — Photo courtesy: Hzh — Wikimedia Commons

As a child, I remember a neighbour’s oldest son, talking about Butterworth. He was a pilot who’d once been stationed there, so when we took a train up Penang Hill, we could see Georgetown below and across the sea, Butterworth on the mainland. Continue reading Childhood Flashback on Penang Hill

Letters from the Past – Penang

Photo courtesy: Hzh — Wikimedia Commons

With our Sumatra tour over, we flew to Kuala Lumpur, but I’m thinking back to my first visit to Malaysia, before the daughter I dragged through Sumatra was born.

We had left India for Bangkok and flown north to Penang, staying in Tanjung Bungah, eleven kilometres from Georgetown. Our upstairs room in a Chinese family’s house, overlooked the Malacca Strait. Continue reading Letters from the Past – Penang

Sumatra’s Stinkin’ Pekanbaru

I handed my daughter the Indonesian guidebook and said she could plan our trip to Sumatra. It was two years after Java before we flew to Singapore, caught a ferry to Bantam Island in Indonesia, then flew to Pekanbaru, the closest town in Sumatra. Continue reading Sumatra’s Stinkin’ Pekanbaru

South Indian masala dosa

I’ve tried making masala dosa but they always turned out the soggiest, floppiest hunk of cooked rice flour you’d ever manage to drop straight into the bin. So naturally, I’m on the look out for a good South Indian restaurant Continue reading South Indian masala dosa