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East African Dhow Ride

Photo courtesy: Rasheed Hamis — Wikimedia Commons

Dhows were often cruising the sparkling waters off Dar es Salaam’s coast for fishing or transport to nearby islands.

My dhow journey started after I bussed from Mombasa to Kikoni near Kenya’s northern border with Somalia. Stepping into a dhow, we arced around protected waters until the peaceful sojourn ended at Lamu Island’s wharf. Continue reading East African Dhow Ride


I rallied north from Mombasa almost to the border with Somalia. At the end of the bus ride, I sailed by dhow on the final leg around the bend to Lamu Island. It seemed as if I had left an Indian island with no cars (Rameswaram) and arrived at another trafficless destination where mules were the only form of transport. Continue reading Lamu


Valletta, Malta’s capital city, was a masterpiece of stone buildings with shuttered windows to keep out the glare during the hot, dry summers. The main street was full of restaurants and shops where people ambled past. Wherever we walked, it wasn’t long before we’d catch a glimpse of the sea between buildings.


Continue reading Valletta