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The magic of Borobudur

I thought I was clever going to Borobudur on Christmas day, after all, this was a Muslim country. I guess I hadn’t learned my lesson from the train from Bandung. Instead of no one being at the site, the Buddhist structure was overcrowded. I soon realized it was a holiday in Indonesia. I’m not sure if it was a hangover from colonial times or that Islam revered Jesus (Isa) as a prophet and thus the holiday.

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Thailand’s ancient capitals

We arrived in a country I had long wanted to visit, but Bangkok was noisy and polluted and I couldn’t wait to leave. This long narrow nation had had four capitals. Each time invaders from China pushed south, the indigenous peoples moved further south.

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Sarnath – a quiet corner of India

There are many places throughout Northern India and Nepal that are connected to Lord Buddha. The most significant include—Lumbini Province in Nepal where Buddha was born, Bodh Gaya where Buddha obtained enlightenment, and Sarnath where Buddha gave his first sermon to his five companions who later became monks and spread the faith. These were also the sites where the 7th century Chinese monk, Xuanzang was eager to explore during his twenty-year pilgrimage. He had secretly left China in the night because he believed that some of Chinese Buddhism had been misrepresented.

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