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Only men allowed?

I’m a tree person, but staying close to the downtown core of Calgary, I can’t help notice some of the beautiful buildings. It might be a glistening highrise, but often the older preserved buildings catch my camera’s eye. Continue reading Only men allowed?

South-West Calgary meandering

My daughter once lived in South-West Calgary so it was easy to explore the area on visits. She lived in a tasteful old building with an elevator that I didn’t think existed any more; one you had to yank back the door on before stepping into an antique interior. The elevator then clanked to the required floor after you pressed a Bakelite button. This elevator brought back memories of one of my first jobs in an old Brisbane building with a similar contraption. Continue reading South-West Calgary meandering

Calgary’s hidden reserves

Any city with a river weaving its way through its heart, is a plus for me. But after a while in Calgary, I needed more greenery.

Aspen, Weaselhead Environment Reserve, SW Calgary
Aspen, Weaselhead Environment Reserve, SW Calgary

Continue reading Calgary’s hidden reserves