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Fresh water turtle hike

Within Turtle Swamp Wetlands, there was a wide trail amongst Australia’s best vegetation. If I’d visited in the spring, the ground would have been covered in wildflowers. But when I arrived on Russell Island, it was winter, or at least that’s what the locals thought a twenty-three degree day was. Continue reading Fresh water turtle hike

Turtle Swamp Wetlands

While trees were being bulldozed to build more houses, Russell Island’s Turtle Swamp Wetland was preserved. This was a place to soak up the beautiful squiggly bark gum trees, grass trees and paper barks. Continue reading Turtle Swamp Wetlands

The other side on the Rocky Point Trail

I usually hike the northern side, but this week headed along the southern route. The Burrard Inlet, like a giant U, cut into the landscape. At the very bottom of the U was a marshy swamp where grasses and muddy sludge hid a multitude of tiny creatures. This was one of my favourite parts of the trail, going over the wooden walkway that looped through the swamp. Continue reading The other side on the Rocky Point Trail