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A slice of tranquility away from the roar of traffic

Shilin was the nicest district in Taipei I visited. Perhaps it was because Chaing Kai-Shek’s once lived in  the area. I wandered the vibrant streets from the MRT station and arrived at Shuangxi Park that offered a retreat from the traffic that pounded the main thoroughfare. Continue reading A slice of tranquility away from the roar of traffic

Gongguan Night Market

Taipei’s Gongguan Night Market was not a huge market, but it was the closest to my hotel and I’d missed the experience in Seoul because I’d only stayed in South Korea’s capital a couple of nights. Continue reading Gongguan Night Market

Xinbeitou and Thermal Valley

Thermal Valley conjured up images of bubbling pools with the smell of sulphur wafting along the valley. Once I left Xinbentou Station, I followed a well-maintained pathway by a stream searching for my imagined Thermal Valley. Continue reading Xinbeitou and Thermal Valley

Through Mt Maokong’s dense forest

Half way along the Camphor Tree Trail by Ejiaoge Mountain, near the outer limits of Taipei City, a sign pointed towards YingHe Cave. I veered on to that trail and down countless steps and over a rocky path, lured by a cave. Continue reading Through Mt Maokong’s dense forest