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Hanoi traffic

I was warned about Hanoi’s traffic.

“Cars won’t stop for you.”

“It’s madness.”

“I just walk and try not to look.”

I was expecting the worst. Instead, because many of the main streets were one way and there were plenty of traffic lights that motorists obeyed, I found crossing streets far easier than Ho Chi Minh City. Continue reading Hanoi traffic

Scooter City

I left five degree Vancouver and arrived in thirty degree Ho Chi Minh City to discover it’s really scooter city.

On my first day, I took a stroll to Ben Nghe River where Styrofoam undulated with water plants as boats moved upstream. Fishers lined the walkway with their rods and nets. Continue reading Scooter City

Traffic! Heat! Yes, it’s Cairo

To entice me to Malta once again, my daughter suggested a trip to Syria as Air Malta had started a flight. This was before the country’s destruction. Bookings quickly filled and we missed the opportunity so we flew to Cairo instead. Egypt had always held a fascination for me, so the prospect of travelling for a quick visit with my daughter was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. Continue reading Traffic! Heat! Yes, it’s Cairo

Seoul’s Dongdaemun and Namdaemun markets

This market was over 100 years old, but had been destroyed during the Korean War (really it was the U.S. war on Korea). In the late 1950s rebuilding commenced until decades later when more shops had been added, it became larger. Continue reading Seoul’s Dongdaemun and Namdaemun markets

Downtown sojourn

What is it about daughters and downtown Vancouver? I avoid the city because of traffic and parking problems while it’s the first place daughters want to hang out.

Some time back, my daughter visited in spring after attending a wedding in the States and we were soon headed in that westerly direction. On her list of must sees, was the cherry blossoms. Continue reading Downtown sojourn