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A Warning to Churchill Visitors

The only polar bear I saw was this stone one

If you pick up Manitoba’s brochure on Churchill, don’t be fooled like I was. It states the highest probability of spying polar bears is in November but that’s not true.

Reading that piece of information, I booked a journey to Churchill towards the end of November only to discover when I then made enquiries about a tour, everything finished on November 18th! Once Hudson Bay froze over, the bears started to hunt. I found nothing on this date in the brochure yet every tourist operation in Churchill was aware of the time line. Continue reading A Warning to Churchill Visitors

Impressions from a train – Manchester to Liverpool

I flew over Greenland, landing in Manchester.

It was 21 degrees on the Manchester Piccadilly platform when I arrived from the airport. With the announcement of each train’s destination and subsequent stops, the rail employee reminded us about not smoking. The addicts ignored her, puffing away at the end of the platform while an attendant cleared garbage off the cement floor. Continue reading Impressions from a train – Manchester to Liverpool