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Skagway decision

My plan before this trip, was to see the Arctic Ocean up in Tuktoyaktuk, then return through Dawson City to Whitehorse. After that, I had no idea. Only when I reached Skagway, did I decide to exit by ferry from the port in the direction of home.

I stayed in a cute, once a brothel hotel, and while having breakfast the following morning, was reminded I was in Alaska, U.S.A. A woman nearby, talked incessantly about the guns she and her husband had brought on the trip. It wasn’t my kind of breakfast conversation. Continue reading Skagway decision

Inuvik photo shoot?

Inuvik cuisine left a lot to be desired. I’d gone to a restaurant for lunch on a local’s recommendation and been served seafood with an overdose of bottled sweet chili sauce poured on top. After that disaster, there was no point in wasting money. I headed to the indoor supermarket for fast food.

While I munched fries, I managed to snap a photo of a local woman who turned out to be quite a character.

Inuvialuit people, Inuvik, North West Territories
Inuvialuit people, Inuvik, North West Territories

Tuktoyaktuk – North West Territories

I was on my way to Tuktoyaktuk, an island in the Arctic Ocean. In the winter, a highway joins the outpost to the mainland; an ice road, but in summer, the road’s ocean. Continue reading Tuktoyaktuk – North West Territories