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Sidney Street Sculpture

Centaur — Philip Organ (above photo)

North of Victoria on Vancouver Island, was the relaxed town of Sidney. Situated right on the sea on the eastern side of the island, I couldn’t help notice some of the unique art that dotted the landscape. Continue reading Sidney Street Sculpture

Along Sidney’s Coast

As I turned into a curve along Lockside Walkway on Vancouver Island, I spotted two playful seals off shore, but it wasn’t until I arrived at Sidney’s fish markets, that I came close to one. The seal was probably waiting for scraps from the markets as it kept popping its head out of the water. Continue reading Along Sidney’s Coast

Ferry Ride

It’s been a long time since I last took a trip across to Vancouver Island.

The ferry slipped between Galiano and Mayne islands, then Prevost, North Pender and Saltspring Islands, yet still there were more Gulf Islands to encounter over glistening smooth waters until we reached our destination — Swatz Bay. Continue reading Ferry Ride

Vancouver Island’s Cathedral Gorge

I drove to Port Alberni stopping to climb the clock tower. It seemed a strange name for the town since I’d been driving inland across Vancouver Island, but Continue reading Vancouver Island’s Cathedral Gorge

Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim trails

The Bog Trail criss-crossed level planks above a mashy terrain. Like the beach vegetation, the vegetation was stunted Continue reading Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim trails