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I skytrained to Richmond to the heart of Vancouver’s Chinese community. I may have been surrounded by Asian languages, but I entered the Richmond Centre to find a shopping centre no different from any other, with only one Chinese restaurant. Continue reading Richmond

Airport Art

Artist: Bill Reed

Vancouver Airport is an easy structure to navigate, but have you ever noticed the art? There are a large number of Inuit carvings enclosed in glass cases that run along the railings, and the sound of running water is an art unto itself. Continue reading Airport Art

At the Heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown

Vancouver’s Chinatown covered more than three square blocks. Its heart was either side of Pender East, but there were other streets where I glimpsed every kind of remedy inside Chinese herbal stores as well as grocery shops stocked a variety of Chinese vegetables. Continue reading At the Heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown

Reifel Bird Sanctuary

I’ve visted this isolated island reserved south of Vancouver in the summer, but this time, I wanted to see if the snowy owl had made its way south yet. Continue reading Reifel Bird Sanctuary