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A lush Melbourne park

Fitzroy Gardens, named after an early New South Wales governor, was on the edge of the city centre located on a generous section of land. If I’d hoped to see an abundance of Australian native trees, I would have been disappointed. There were a few pines, gum trees and Moreton Bay fig tees, but this was more of an English park. Chestnut and elm trees appeared to have been planted when the park first opened 150 years ago because their girth and height was vast. Continue reading A lush Melbourne park

A tour behind locked doors

We headed to the State Theatre on Melbourne’s St Kilda Road to take a peek at the three theatres that make up the Arts Centre. The tour included the theatre designs and the paintings chosen for each location. Continue reading A tour behind locked doors

To market to market

Queen Victoria Markets on the north side of Melbourne city, extended a couple of blocks. When I stepped through the main entrance, the smell of meats had me steering away to the specialized sections of cheeses and even a store that sold crocodile and kangaroo meats. Continue reading To market to market

Through university grounds

Melbourne University is ranked as Australia’s best. It lies north on the outskirts of the city centre with buildings a mixture of modern and old. Nearly 50 000 students attend the university many coming from over 130 different countries. Continue reading Through university grounds

Remembering the fallen

After the British invaded Australia in 1788, thousands of Aboriginal peoples died from violent clashes over land; from starvation; from European diseases that were often deliberately thrust on to Australia’s original inhabitants. Continue reading Remembering the fallen