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Powell Street’s Japanese past

I’d gone with my daughter to visit this historic Vancouver site. Passing through however, it would be easy to overlook what once occurred here. There’s nothing to impress except for a beautifully maintained Japanese Language School. Continue reading Powell Street’s Japanese past

A Hanoi Traditional House

Inside Ma May’s traditional two-storey house I ran my hand over the iron wood trimmings. I walked to the back of the hundred year old house where the kitchen stood in an open courtyard, sun streaming down from the open square. Continue reading A Hanoi Traditional House

A stroll through Old Cairo’s Shari Al-Muiz Li-Din Allah

On our second tour of Old Cairo, we started at the southern wall  of Shari Al-Muiz Li-Din Allah through an arched entrance and walked past one beautiful building after another. There were buildings with intricate wooden latticework, sculptured doors and Arabic calligraphy decorating the walls. Continue reading A stroll through Old Cairo’s Shari Al-Muiz Li-Din Allah