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Whakarewarewa’s Walking Track

Taking to the walking trail was a break away from the many tourists who swarmed the streets and souvenir shops in the heart of the village. Continue reading Whakarewarewa’s Walking Track

Whakarewarewa’s Maori Performance

While Whakarewarewa was a living village within Rotorua where most of the people residing within its boundaries were related, it was also a major tourist attraction. Continue reading Whakarewarewa’s Maori Performance

Whakarewarewa’s Churches

The two competing churches, Catholic and Anglican, were located at opposite ends of the village. The Anglican church was established when many of the Anglican survivors (after the Mt Tarawera eruption of 1886), moved to the village to join family members. Continue reading Whakarewarewa’s Churches

Maori Meeting Houses

Meeting houses were once the heart of a village and still play an important role in the community.

Tupuna Whare of Whakarewarewa was situated in the centre of the village. While once used even to make decisions on where to hunt, it was and still is used for funerals and welcoming visitors. Continue reading Maori Meeting Houses

From Wellington to Rotorua

Volcanic fumes, Whakarewarewa, Rotorua – photo courtesy Andrew McMillan – wikimedia.org

As I headed north towards Rotorua, the eastern side of Mt Ruapehu loomed ahead, but unfortunately, the day was overcast and clouds floated over the crater shaped summit. Continue reading From Wellington to Rotorua