I grew up in Australia, but like many Ausies, I wanted to explore the world. After two years travelling around my birth country, I bought a one-way ticket to India and since those early travel days, have never lost the bug.

I’m the author of two published short stories in New Beginnings —a collection of creative writing from B.C. Authors (Timbercrest Publishing), and five  unpublished novel length manuscripts set in various places I’ve lived. Two are set in East Africa of which one is finally ready for submission, another set in Sri Lanka, Ireland and Canada, and a fourth set in New Zealand and Australia . I’m currently working on a fifth set in India in the 1960s.

I now call Canada home.

I also have a readandwrite.blog with short reviews of books I’ve given a five out of five rating plus writing tips I’ve learned while being a member of the Port Moody Writing Group.

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17 thoughts on “About”

  1. I visited Sri Lanka on 12 September 2001, the day after the terrorist attack on the American twin towers. I must confess to having been extremely nervous. I was, however determined to go and I certainly don’t regret my trip. Sri Lanka is a fascinating country. I went during the monsoon season (well the tail end of it) and have wonderfuol memories of sitting on an elephant and getting drenched in the rain. Within about 5 minutes of the rain stopping, the intense heat had completely dried me out! I loved listening to the sound of the insects as I sat outside at night and the scents where amazing. We didn’t go to Colombo as, with the Tamil Tiger issue we where warned that our insurance wouldn’t cover us had we done so. I would love to visit again. Kevin

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  2. So far I’ve only had the chance to read your Canadian section but it’s a nice read. My wife and I live in northern Canada and have always wanted to go up to Tuk. Thanks for the articles

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  3. Hello, I’ve only left the US on two occasions, neither of which involved trips to India or Sri Lanka. That being said, I thoroughly enjoy living vicariously through the travels of others. I find it to be so exciting when I meet people here in the blogosphere who make it their life’s ambition to go, to do, and to share… and now I’m off to explore…
    P.S. thanks for being such a gracious tour guide

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      1. Calgary and Vancouver. 2 places that are homey…I work in Calgary..but go back to Vancouver ..when I can. Alas, my vacation benefit doesn’t give me enough days.

        Lived and worked in Vancouver for 8 yrs. before I accepted a job in Calgary.

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  4. Lovely to be here Mallee. I was here before i know and saw the second abundant collection of your posts after your home country australia, It is on India. I am looking forward to sharing, learning Maallee. Thanks for your words.

    Narayan x

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