port melbourne’s century old buildings

Once Port Melbourne’s seafront was dominated by factories and warehouses. Many were demolished and replaced with high rise apartments, but some were tastefully recycled.

Part of what was once the sugar mill/starch factory, Port Melbourne

One such building was the red brick sugar refinery that was constructed in 1891. Eight years later this red brick building was converted into Harper’s starch factory that operated for the next eighty years. In the 1970s it featured in the original Mad Max movie. While the factory was never altered externally, the interior was renovated and made into apartments.

Part of what was once Swallows Biscuit Factory, Port Melbourne

Likewise, Swallows old biscuit factory was converted into apartments. A church hidden behind shops along Port Melbourne’s shopping area was adapted into apartments too. Thanks to these stately buildings we can garner a hint of Port Melbourne’s past.

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  1. I always love it when beautiful old buildings are repurposed, instead of being demolished. Fortunately more and more cities across Indonesia are doing this.

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