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A troublesome tourist

I’m not sure where I remember hearing a woman from the States grumble at top volume to her embarrassed friend.  Firstly, she complained the restaurant where we had also eaten the night before took too long to bring the food. We’d read they cooked everything fresh so naturally we had to wait, but the wait had been worth it. Continue reading A troublesome tourist

Ecuador’s protected island – Isla de la Plata

I booked a tour to the island off the coast of Puerto Lopez. My daughter wasn’t interested. Unbeknown to her, she was going to the Galapagos Islands in a couple of weeks so just as well she didn’t waste money touring this island. I, on the other hand, wasn’t. Instead I headed to what was coined the poor person’s Galapagos. Continue reading Ecuador’s protected island – Isla de la Plata

From Bahia de Carauez to dog crazy Canoa

I decided to leave Guayaquil because I had to return for a flight back to Vancouver anyway. I yearned for beach and with all Ecuador’s west coast exposed to the Pacific Ocean, I headed to Bahia de Carauez. Continue reading From Bahia de Carauez to dog crazy Canoa

Guayaquil’s Rio Guayas

Guayaquil was steamy after being in the Andes, but a walk beside Rio Guayas gave the illusion of coolness. The entire waterfront was open to the public with water pools, lush vegetation and even a poor toucan locked in a cage. Continue reading Guayaquil’s Rio Guayas

Baffled by Ecuador’s buses

During my entire Ecuador trip, I travelled by bus but I have yet to talk about bus culture as I saw it. Oh yes, the buses were air-conditioned; there was no smoking; you were assigned a seat on long journeys; all things I appreciated. It made bus travel through Ecuador a delight – all except for one thing. Continue reading Baffled by Ecuador’s buses