Greetings from Bandaranaike Airport Sri Lanka

Photo courtesy: Calfier-001 — Wikimedia Commons

You know the feeling? You arrive after a long flight exhausted, but your spirits soar, the tiredness abates. You spy family members waiting for your hug and rush to greet them.

That might be your story, but it’s not what’s happening at the international airport just north of Colombo. If you’re Tamil, the Terrorism Investigation Department detains you. This week one Tamil was hospitalize after his “friendly” greeting. Earlier in the month when Tamil workers returned from the U.A.E. and Qatar to spend time with their families, they had a similar “warm” welcome.

“Yes,” one Sinhalese blogger told me. “The war is over. We are happy. Tamils are happy. Just ask them.” I’m beginning to think Sinhalese citizens have no idea what the Sri Lankan military, their government and police are systematically doing to Tamils in their own country.