I don’t remember where I first tried uppuma in South India, but I knew it was a flavour my taste buds wanted again. Luckily, after I left India, I scoured a bookshop in Tanzania, and came across a South Indian cookbook with the very recipe inside.


It’s a great dish with dahl but lately, I’ve discovered karuvepillai thuvayal (curry leaf chutney) that makes it taste even better.

Fry in 2 tbs oil: 1 tsp mustard seeds; 1 tsp urad dahl; 2 red chillies; and 1/2 tsp hing. When dahl turns light brown, remove from head and mix with: 1 cup curry leaves; 1 cm crushed ginger; 1 marble sized ball of tamarind; 1 tsp salt and 2 tsp grated jaggery. Grind to a paste adding 2-3 tsp water. Recipe from: Simply South — Chandra Padmanabhan



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