The changing face of chihkan tower

Tainan had been Taiwan’s capital for almost three hundred years when, in 1625 the Dutch arrived in the city. After the 1653 uprising against them, they built Fort Provintia, and made it the hub of their administrative and commercial activities. 

The only remains of Fort Provintia, Tainan City

The entrance to the fort was now nothing more than a sealed off archway, and at the back of the complex a corner had been excavated to reveal part of one of the original bastions.

Peng Hu School on one corner of the site

Built on the foundations of the old fort was Wenchang Pavilion that had been constructed in 1886 to encourage education. Next to it, where the south-western bastion once stood, was Haishen Temple built in appreciation for the protection offered by the sea god, Haishen.

Top ceiling of Chihkan Tower, Tainan City

For over three centuries Chihkan Tower had been a castle when Taiwan was under Dutch rule, a Chinese style pagoda in the Qing dynasty, an army hospital during the Japanese colonial period, and today a museum.

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